Pocket Tales

Immersive Puppet Theater Kit
Includes professional instruction

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The kids will gather round you to hear a favorite story – which you will transform into an unforgettable experience for them!

Puppetry is a marvelous tool for working with children
…but we’re not always able to find or create the right puppet for the story we’d like to tell. Also, some of us feel awkward working the puppets, making noises, or playing characters.

That’s why Pocket Tales was created.


Pocket Tales makes puppetry a sheer joy – both for the children and the adult telling the story.

צילום: יוליה ברזינה

Ever played with kids using a puppet theater?

Ever seen how involved, focused, and enthusiastic they get when puppets show up?

Each Pocket Tales kit is a work of art, made to enrich children’s world with thrilling colors and endless surprises.

Each time the box opens, the kids- and you!- will experience a multi-sensory story and fly away on the wings of imagination.

The kit includes accessories and professional tutorials to help adults fall in love with the world of puppetry, while giving them the tools to deliver a unique, child-tailored theatrical experience.

צילום: יוליה ברזינה
צילום: יוליה ברזינה

The Pocket Tales kit is designed for anyone who wishes to breathe life into their storytelling and set sail with the kids to fantasy lands – among joyful pop-up characters and vividly-colored fabrics.

Each kit includes

A personal prop apron

The play’s puppets and accessories

Complementary lesson plans for the study subject

Educational play cards

A video illustrating the complete story

A puppetry basics video tutorial

The Pocket Tales repertoire draws on the traditional repository of heartwarming tales with universal messages, to allow educators of every denomination to connect with the beautiful parts of Judaism.

Come pick your story!

Noah and the ark

The kit


The spice of Shabbat - a Talmudic tale

The kit


10 wonderful things about Pockets Tales

The clever, versatile use of the apron as a theatre platform that stimulates kids’ curiosity, activates them, and surprises them.
Each story is designed with the storyteller’s comfort and ease-of-use in mind.
The kits are carefully tailored for use with preschoolers.
A creative story-time woven into a full learning process, including learning cards and rich activity suggestions.
Carefully selected content with an emphasis on universality.
Easily adaptable to various cultures, ages, languages, etc., to serve specific settings.

Each story incorporates everyday skills that the children get to learn directly.

Acquiring the professional tool of puppetry – excellent for preschool work.

No outside vendors required: the kit is a resource that remains on-hand at the preschool.

The aprons are handmade in Israel from high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Hey, it’s me!

My name is Chen, and I’m a puppeteer and art therapist based in Israel.

My idea for Pocket Tales arose from many years of puppeteering for preschoolers in Israel. In my work, I noticed that the staff at many preschools struggles with a lack of sufficient illustrative devices.

Talking with them, I realized they’d benefit immensely from puppetry kits, as well as professional guidance on utilizing this incredible tool, which is particularly suited for young children.

This insight came into even sharper focus during the pandemic, when all outsourced educational activities were put on hold. It was obvious to us that preschools needed an in-house boost, using creative tools that the staff can use when and as needed.

The Pocket Tales team

Mr. Shaul Fadida – designer and facilitator for fashion and textile design
Ms. Ahava Evie Fridel – illustrator, M.A. in children's books design
Ms. Sandra Nazarov – Pedagogical consultant specializing in early childhood

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